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HCMC: transfer of 26,000 hectares of agricultural land to industry & service
Ho Chi Minh City transferred 26,000 hectares of agricultural land to industry and services. HCMC Government will implement many solutions to increase land use efficiency such as land use review at 1,400 projects, transferring 26,000 hectares of agricultural land to industrial land and services. The use of this will bring the value of millions of billion.

Speaking at the 9th session of the HCM City People's Council (10-7), Nguyen Thien Nhan, Secretary of the HCM City Party Committee, said the government had agreed to transfer about 26,000 hectares of agricultural land to HCM City. for industrial and service purposes.

[Image: 35980080055_971d0ee23d_z_d.jpg]

The restructure of land use in Ho Chi Minh City and reviewing the effectiveness of public land projects in Ho Chi Minh City is very necessary in the current period, especially when seven breakthrough programs (2015-2020) are have been half way through but have difficulty in raising capital.

According to Nhan, the breakthrough program on reducing waterlogging in the city needs 73 trillion dong but now only mobilized 63%. Environmental pollution reduction programs, traffic jam programs, urban refurbishment programs ... are also facing similar difficulties. Notably, the urban refurbishment program, which aims to clear tens of thousands of homes along the canals by 2020, may reach only about 20% of the plan.

Therefore, social capital is very necessary and if there is no breakthrough solution, the risk of these programs will not be completed by 2020.

"We need to revise, change our approach to attracting private funds for programs," said Nhan.

According to him, the resources that the city can aim to exploit more effectively are people with more than 5 million workers, applying science and technology in all areas of service, production, To create a link between science and business and the state in parallel with boosting investment attraction, giving priority to the projects ending in 2020 for people to benefit.

According to the leaders of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the city, from now until 2020, according to the resolution approved by the Government, the city will adjust the land use planning in the direction of: adjust the area of agricultural land to non-agricultural Support for socio-economic development.

Ho Chi Minh City is devoting about 4,420 ha of land to industrial parks and will soon increase to 5,914 ha. At the same time, the city will review the land use efficiency of approximately 1,400 projects, if the investor is weak, slow implementation will handle land recovery.

Over the past five years, the Ho Chi Minh City government has revoked 576 delayed projects, causing waste of land with a total area of about 5,900 hectares.

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