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Detox & Healthy condo project: New standard of luxury apartments
No longer keeping standards such as "gold inlaid with gemstones", luxury apartments are now positioned by the standard of comprehensive health care and maximum protection for residents. These are seemingly simple requirements, but to do so requires a complete investment, which costs a great deal. Green star sky Garden is the new project in saigon south developed by Hung Loc Phat, the one can satisfy these factors.

Need more than "green condos"

Previously, the location of the luxury apartment will revolve around factors such as central location, expensive price, luxury furniture, ceiling lights crystal high ... Even the luxury apartments are gold , gemstones with a flashy exterior.

[Image: 26831898727_6f4a262b68_b_d.jpg]

During the period from 2014 to 2016, the luxury apartment developed to foreign style such as Japan, Singapore ... Also during this time, the market is attracted by the introduction of the "green" "Leed, Lotus, Diamond Lotus Riverside, Diamond Lotus Lakeview ... are project a moment in the market.

The "Green Standard" is the first definition of a new generation luxury apartment, stemming from the need to live healthfully, from the increasingly urgent urban landscape, the residents need a fresh living space, limited dust dirty and minimize stress. However, later on, the standard blue apartment movement also quickly "cooled down". They do not have to disappear, but because the market needs more than a "green" apartment.

In a residential area, in addition to being invested large area of green trees must use environmentally friendly materials, good for health, equipped with facilities for health care Frequently, there are supermarkets, supermarkets, foodstuffs ... that can attract customers.

"Speaking of high-end apartment standards, it's common for people to locate them by modern gadgets, high-end interiors, beautifully designed or living green spaces, but that's not enough. In addition, "green breathing" must be eaten clean, drink clean, detoxify the body, "representative Hung Loc Phat, owner of the project Green Star Sky Garden is being introduced on the market.

New trends open up

The Coco Ocean - Spa Resort (Cocobay) is a pioneer in the development of condominiums. It is known that the owner of the Empire Group has spent over 200 billion VND to develop the largest spa & fitness system in Vietnam, up to 4,500m2, spread over 3 floors.

[Image: 26831898897_b67b1d895b_b_d.jpg]

More recently, the trend of health care apartments has begun to penetrate the apartment, with the launch of Green Star Sky Garden - Detox & Heathy in Ho Chi Minh City. Hung Phat Green Star condominium is a completely new product line in the market with innovative investments in utilities to help protect the health and beauty of residents.

Specifically, the investor has equipped infrared nanotubes, antibacterial nano-paint, air purifiers worth tens of million for each apartment. In addition, Green Star Sky Garden has a detox and organic food system on the ground floor to help residents access and use the best raw materials for health without struggling to find the source. buying. Most of the facilities that are considered "basic" are focused on the Fitness & Wellness Center, Spa & Sauna facilities with modern facilities, along with a team of professional and professional trainers.

All these utilities help residents rapidly toxins in the body, increase blood circulation, produce collagen, protect the health and beauty care. According to Hung Loc Phat, the total investment value for these items is up to hundreds of billion.

Another highlight of Hung Phat Green Star Sky Garden is the green living space ideal that everyone is dreaming. Specifically, the investor has spent 11,000 m2 for the green area of the whole project. Even so, this business has sacrificed space to do dozens of apartments to develop a tropical garden complex and waterfalls in the heart of the building.

"Each year, the amount of green trees in the water can filter 56 million liters of polluted air and provide more than 50 million liters of pure oxygen, as well as help project temperatures be lower than the surrounding environment".

In Ho Chi Minh City, green alone does not completely address the negative effects of the environment on the body. Therefore, a detox and healthy project can purify toxins, health care, beauty protection is the new trend of the real estate market.

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