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The trend of buying villa garden in South of Saigon
Most of the new supply recently introduced in the market, especially the project that owns living space combines two elements "street - garden", are very impressive liquidity. Explaining this, experts said that when urban land fund is increasingly scarce, the tendency to find fresh air in fresh urban areas is indispensable, shared by: https://kenhdautu.edu.vn/forum/

Garden villas in the Saigon South area attracts guests
It's no coincidence that in the beginning of 2017, the villa / townhouse segment rose to the top of the market after years of silent heat. The saturation of the apartment market and the dense construction density of high-rise projects are no longer an optimal choice for homebuyers. Most of them turn to search for open spaces, many trees, natural but not separated from modern facilities and only 20 minutes away from the center. Accordingly, real estate in the South is now considered to meet the current needs of customers.

[Image: 33789441942_0624db9e5d_b_d.jpg]

Lavila has 1 hectare of waterfront park, 4.6ha landscape lake park spread throughout the area - living space quality, comfort, modern design and care to every detail.

In fact, Nha Be district, especially in Nguyen Huu Tho street, is one of the three areas (district 2, district 9, Nha Be) with high transaction speed in 2016, with 72% of products offered. On the market, buyers are welcomed with the most impressive absorption rates among garden and townhouse projects with favorable location and focus on green investment. LAVILA Garden City Villa developed by Kien A Group is an example.

Since the introduction of phase 1 in September 2016, LAVILA Saigon South has been a hot spot in the South real estate market when the number of transactions suddenly reached, more than 80 units were booked on the first day of introduction. . In April 2017, LAVILA Saigon South Phase 2 continued to be the center of the market when 100% of the basket, equivalent to 150 units, also quickly found the owner. In order to serve the high demand of the market, in October 2017, Kien A Group continued to introduce the last phase and achieve success beyond expectation with nearly 100% of booking facilities.

Live peacefully and profitably
It can be seen that the project of LAVILA South Saigon has such impressive transaction speed because high end buyers are looking for a peaceful and peaceful space, not separated from modern facilities. , just 20 minutes from the city center, and bring opportunities to invest firmly, high profit potential. First of all, not to mention French romantic architecture, modern hard to find in the segment of villas in the South. The wide windows are divided into European umbrellas, combined with columns, consoles, sloping races reaching out the wall, creating a sense of luxury, tranquility and proximity. The unique design of LAVILA not only helps the natural space, widens the viewing angle of the surrounding landscape but also provides the perfect insulation solution for the house.

[Image: 35670486953_2d5cfc34e3_h_d.jpg]

In addition to impressive architecture, peaceful space, lush greenery and stunning natural landscapes are also a factor attracting buyers. "The natural condition of Saigon South is very good, there is green space and canal system that creates green lung for urban area, also a soft value added for LAVILA project. On the ground floor of a landscaped park of 6ha, LAVILA has a lot of green space, landscape, and utility system divided into three functional areas: Mobility, Retreat, Nature for maximum relaxation needs. and enjoy the life of the residents "- Huynh Thuy Linh, Marketing Director of Kien A Group, shared.

Not stop there, LAVILA also guarantees the buyer position advantage when located on the Nguyen Huu Tho road - busiest route and potential development in the South today. This is considered as the gateway to the south of the city. At the same time, it is being invested to develop, attracting many big investors like Lotte, Phu My Hung, Phu Long, Kien Giang. It takes only 5 minutes to get to Phu My Hung and many amenities such as hospital (FV, Tam Duc), school (RMIT, Dinh Thien Ly), 5 km from Nguyen Huu Tho - Nguyen Van Linh intersection), Crescent Mall (Vivo City) or 20 minutes to the center.

[Image: 36354725303_76de90b7ae_b_d.jpg]

"Thanks to meet the needs of the current population, LAVILA South Saigon continued to succeed with a reservation rate of nearly 100% in the last introduction on October 28. Before that, in September 2016, the first phase was a hot spot in the South when the number of transactions suddenly, more than 80 units were booked on the first day of introduction. In April 2017, Phase 2 continued to be the center of the market when 100% of the basket, equivalent to 150 units, quickly became owned by the owner, "Linh added.
Following success of the Lavila product line, Kien A Group will launch the Lavila Marina project, Lavila De Rio, a riverside villa and Lavila Sky. (high rise buildings).

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