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4 bright factors promising to make a leap for HCMC real estate of 2018
Policy support, stable investment environment, safe and smart urban ambitions can create a big turning point for real estate market.

At the workshop Identifying the opportunities and risks of the real estate market in 2018 created by CafeLand Creation on December 8, many experts give positive outlook for the real estate industry. The basis for optimism comes from four bright spots that have recently appeared.

[Image: 15930308950_b05bb8aaf9_k_d.jpg]

Specialized mechanism and intelligent urban

Director of the Institute of Economics, Dr. Tran Dinh Thien said that the specific mechanism for HCM City just passed not long ago will certainly have a great impact on the development of real estate in this urban area. nationwide in 2018. This mechanism forces the real estate market to pursue a different, new approach to product development. For example: focus on the formation of intelligent urban areas, breakthrough changes in the development of many product segments, planning master plan. Intelligent platform (connected, creating a shared cultural trend) can be a new premise, deciding the competitiveness of real estate.

Growth and policy

Economist Vu Dinh Anh forecasts that the real estate market in 2018 will have more bright colors than in 2017 thanks to support from the policy. Specifically, next year, the credit policy for the real estate market, the decree related to planning, development of new projects certainly tend to open under the scenario more and more rational. This ventilation is the premise to create more motivation to promote the real estate market growth.

Diversified capital flows

According to expert Vu Dinh Anh, with the opening of aggressive integration, the flow of money from foreign investors will also be poured into Vietnam, not only in the provinces as before but more likely more extensive. On the other hand, the capacity of real estate investment businesses will also improve in 2018 as they take advantage of previous business results.

In addition, the divestment of outside corporations by corporations and corporations by 2018, including a substantial portion of real estate, will further boost the investment market.

[Image: 33506514196_2cac3779d8_k_d.jpg]

Destination stable, safe

Le Hoang Chau, chairman of the HCM City Real Estate Association, forecasts that foreign elements of a number of international issues, though outside Vietnam, could become a powerful underground force. real estate in the country.

According to the expert, before the picture of the world is full of risks and fluctuations, Vietnam emerged as a stable and safe destination, which is an important push, creating opportunities to attract foreign capital flows. . This is the basis for the expectation of 2018 to be a very optimistic year for the real estate market from the perspective of attracting real estate FDI as well as the quality of real estate growth.

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