Dự án căn hộ The Infiniti Riviera Point quận 7 của Keppel Land.

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Real Madrid super star CR7 owns condotel in VietNam
Real Madrid's CR7 superstar has just become an honorary client of a real estate project in Da Nang and may soon come to Vietnam. At Cocobay Into The World on 27/4 in Madrid (Spain), Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) has signed a contract to reserve Cocobay Towers (Da Nang). The owner of the first condotel apartment here. Being an honorable customer of the project also opens up the possibility that Ronaldo will come to Vietnam in the future.

[Image: 33529780453_1c6d0a4acc_o_d.jpg]

"I am fascinated by the unique cultures of Asia, and Vietnam is the place that encapsulates all these values. Vietnam is a wonderful country with rich cultural heritage, rich history, beautiful natural scenery and the most friendly people, "Ronaldo shared.
The Portuguese star added that from the media, he was especially impressed by Vietnam's long, dreamy coastline, especially in Da Nang. Ronaldo also said the image here reminded him of the home feeling is the town of Madeira. Cocobay Towers, in conjunction with the lifestyle I am aiming for - is a subtle, classy beauty".

[Image: 33956288820_aaf9d77926_o_d.jpg]

Cocobay Towers is a twin tower with crystal bridge belonging to Cocobay Resort and Tourism Complex Da Nang. On the occasion of the launch of the tower, from 27-30 April 2017 in Madrid, representatives of the Empire Group - the owner of the Cocobay project together with the guests and strategic partners have joined the "Cocobay Global" Lifestyle. " Along with CR7, a number of influential businessmen and influential scholars and celebrities from Vietnam have also made reservations to become condotel owners at this twin tower.
Located at the heart of the Cocobay Complex in Da Nang, Cocobay Towers is expected to be nearly 200m high impressive by the highlight of the glamorous Sky Bridge, which embraces and connects two tower peaks, lang van da nang.

Sky Bridge will give visitors the feeling of capturing the beauty of the vast East Sea, the magnificent Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, the romantic Co Co river and the green color of the two most prestigious golf courses in Southeast Asia. This is also a place for travelers to experience and experience lavish amenities such as the infinity pool on the 47th floor, the top restaurant and bar on the top of the tower, the Panorama crystal elevator and the large commercial center Most fun in the Central.

The aerial crystal bridge in Cocobay Tower promises to bring a unique experience to visitors. See the project simulator here. Cocobay Towers is also home to many prestigious brands in the world. The twin towers are built by Atkins, a leading designer group known for its Burj Al Arab 7-star hotel and run by the prestigious Hotel Group, the Viceroy Hotel Group, Royal Dubai. Cocobay Towers is fully developed by the Empire Group - a multinational conglomerate of Vietnam - which owns and operates many real estate projects for convalescence, travel and entertainment in Hanoi, Da Nang.

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