Dự án căn hộ The Infiniti Riviera Point quận 7 của Keppel Land.

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Economic cash flow is pouring into resort real estate in Viet Nam
Foreign currency fluctuations, the stock has not been really stable recently, while investors are fleeing from gold, real estate in general and real estate resort in particular is attractive investment channel for customers. The most investment with a higher level of profit commitment and guaranteed cash flow than other investment channels.

While the world situation has been volatile, the price of foreign currencies, precious metals continuously fluctuates, affecting the world economy and the investors' sentiment. It can be seen that the political and economic situation in Europe, America & the Korean peninsula last time also has a strong influence on world stocks. Many investors fear that this instability will negatively impact their assets. Many investors have withdrawn from the stock market showing how bad news has been influenced by the stock indexes.

[Image: 33329604193_e35abdd28f_o_d.jpg]
Photo of real estate project property Vinpearl Resort of Vingroup.

For VND savings deposit, the supply interest rate is at 4.9% - 6.5% and no signal could increase in the coming time. An outlook on the deposit rate, which has been identified by financial analysts as the rate of inflation rising over the years, is not attractive.
Over the past years real estate and resort real estate in particular have been showing their advantage while still maintaining their growth rate and showing the absolute advantage of return on investment compared to other channels such as gold, Deposit or foreign currency. Investors expect a higher return on cash flow than other channels - attractive enough and important is the stability at this level will always be, go to vinpearl hai giang.

Sea villas project - real estate resort brand Vinpearl.

Although it can be seen that resort property is the most profitable investment channel at the moment, however, investors are not afraid to invest in this channel. Common concerns of investors are:
  • What is the legal aspect of these vacation projects? Is it safe?
  • In the pending stand since the sale is about 2 years, is there any risk?
  • In addition, the type of rental property to be regularly scheduled maintenance, the possibility of high levels of depreciation, devaluation of inflation, unable to fill 100% capacity, rental income only about 6-8%, the vinpearl lang van da nang project.
  • How do customers use this resort property?
Understanding the investor's concerns, Vingroup is committed to securing maritime business profits to customers for 10 years in the form of a commitment and 85% share of the profits of the villa owner. After deduction of maintenance and maintenance costs.
Techcombank is a big financial partner with Vinpearl and its clients.

In fact, it can be seen that the return from the rental program is much higher than the minimum commitment of 10%. After 10 years still keep the 5 star standard of Vinpearl brand villas, ensuring the value of real estate, which not all investors commit and do.

In addition, customers are entitled to 15 nights free of charge per year and can be exchanged at Vinpearl Hotels throughout the country.

On the bank side, Le Thi Hai Yen, senior expert of Techcombank Wholesale Banking, said that with Vingroup's projects, the bank has a very special preferential policy. Specifically, customers who purchase apartments as well as Vingroup villas and Techcombank loans can flexibly pay within 25 years. "On the market, only Techcombank and Vingroup offer 0% interest rate program, 0% early repayment fee and 12 month grace period," Yen said.

Sea villas are one of the very attractive products and many VIPs of Techcombank are interested because the 85% commitment of Vingroup investors is currently the best profit commitment for the market today as compared to other Project with segment.
Vingroup Group has successfully sold many villas projects such as Nha Trang Bay, Gofl Land, Phu Quoc 2, Phu Quoc 3, Phu Quoc 4, Da Nang 2 and so on. Customers and have good liquidity. In the coming time, many projects of Vingroup resort will be launched as Vinpearl Nam Hoi An, Phu Quoc and some middle provinces in the North.

Source: https://longphi.net/dong-tien-nen-kinh-t...ghi-duong/

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