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Diamond Island attracts investors from Singapore
Singaporean investors have demonstrated high interest towards Diamond Island project at The Emerging Markets Exhibition in Singapore on October 8th and 9th, 2016.

The event proved to be highly popular, showcasing projects from various developers across the region and driving in more than 400 investors to look for opportunities. At the event, Diamond Island impressively commanded Singaporean buyers’ attention for its exclusive location – an island within a city.

[Image: 29819150883_449b3d5f6f_z_d.jpg]

“Riverfront properties always have highest value, and the one which is closed to CBD is unique. It’s hard to find such a location like Diamond Island”, said Mr. Yeong Cheng Toh, an investor at the event.

A considerable added value to Diamond Island is the endorsement of David Hum – famous fengshui master of Singapore confirming its favorable feng shui position.

[Image: 30367894496_3ce9da70f1_h_d.jpg]

Living in an island has many advantages. The natural condition of an island offers the desirable fresh air & beautiful landscape that no other projects can compete. Another advantage of an island is its high level of privacy. For residents from a stressful, fast pace working environment like Singapore, “escaping” to the island, and enjoying their private, tranquil and safe place are what home-buyers are searching for.

[Image: 30334808502_ace79c7aa8_z_d.jpg]

The lowest construction density and highest greenery area on the market create hit to Singaporean investors. Kusto Home – developer of Diamond Island – generously dedicates 86.7% to landscaping, making the green density up to 16m2/person which is beyond standard of developed cities (10-14m2/person). “Our project targets to high-demanding customers from Vietnam and other countries so the quality that we provide is very high, at a very competitive price” said Mr. Sergey Nam, Deputy CEO of Kusto Home – developer of Diamond Island.

Designed for luxury living, Diamond Island DISTRICT 2 equipped with a private marina club serving up to 70 vessels and creating a great positive feedback from investors who is looking for a great asset value in the future.

Following high interest to the project, Kusto Home is now announcing a special private event in Singapore on October 22nd and 23rd at Regent Hotel.

The event is strongly supported by 2 largest property agencies in Singapore – ERA and Propnex.

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